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Mark’s firm places a high emphasis on professional knowledge while cultivating a creative, enjoyable atmosphere for our clients. Stylized architecture is key when guiding clients toward smart design choices that provide long-term perspectives in the value and maintenance of a home or building. Mark W. Todd Architects has operated under the premise that preconceived ideas are never an option when designing a custom project.


For nearly three decades Mark Todd has focused his career around architecture, planning, and construction. Growing up in small rural towns Mark had no formal exposure to architecture until he went to college. During this time he began to observe and study Craftsman and Prairie-style homes. He was intrigued at the wood detailing, the human scale, the character each possessed, and the way these simple yet colorful residences facilitated a life of comfort and ease. After working for a few years with a project management company he moved into private practice in 1986 and has been building his custom architecture and design company ever since. He has developed a company with different facets to match the needs of the community around him.  Mark W. Todd Architects has a residential, commercial, and interior team.  He has also developed a consulting business called VisionBridge that focuses on church and private school growth analysis and planning.

Mark W. Todd commerical and residential architect

Mark Todd Architects believes, with all of our God given abilities, we  help people  live  and  function  in  an  environment   that inspires, comforts and nurtures  the  community  that it serves, today and generations to follow.

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