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Adding Summer to Your Home

Summertime is a perfect opportunity to clean out all the heavy decor that fall, winter, and spring bring. For the summer season, we like to simplify the decor however, there are a few things that can be added or changed in your home to bring out the summer elements.

Summer Wreath

These adorable wreaths from Grandin Road set the stage for your home to welcome in summer.

1. A Braided Rope Wreath is perfect for hanging on a door or even use as a tabletop centerpiece.

2. Sunny and cheerful, this lush wreath features little faux lemons and oranges mingled with realistic-looking faux blooms and green leaves, for a juicy burst of coastal color and artificial greenery.

3. Light and airy puffballs of petals add delicacy to the Haley Hydrangea Wreath.

Indoor Plants

Plants are always a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. Summer is a time for a laid back, simple plant in the home.

These faux potted plants can bring the element of summery outdoors inside.

1. Succulents are loved for their lush rosettes and stunning hues that range from warm tones to cool greens. This arrangement is assembled by hand in a shell-shaped planter for the beach feel.

2. This faux-but-fantastic Potted Cactus plant adds color and a laid back desert vibe to in any indoor space. This is an accent to have fun with as you redefine your home for summer.

3. Clean and green, you’ll love the look of this Aloe Succulent Arrangement in Cement Stand! It will look great sitting on the night stand beside your bed.


Changing out the pillows is a wonderful way to alternate seasonal looks without breaking the bank. These pillows are whimsically illustrated tropical plants, perfect for any summery room.

1. Synonymous with bold and fun, this pillow will enhance your Summer space.

2. Nothing says Summer like a nautical, blue and white pillow.

3.These vibrant pillows feature free-spirited tropical designs. Well-chosen bright colors transform the whimsically illustrated tropical plants into modern, artful concepts, perfect for any summery room.


A fresh scent of summer will bring you to a peaceful beach resort. This Maui Scented Candle from Anthropologie has notes of sea salt, sea moss, and driftwood evoke a rising and falling tide on a secret beach, with just a touch of bergamot and ylang ylang.

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