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Father's Day Gifts

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

1. From hair to toe, Dad will love a Dollar Shave Club Gift Set, pick the perfect one and we’ll handle everything else. Choose the perfect gift set and have it shipped to them, gift wrapping available for certain sets.

2. Give the gift of Meat. Shop Carnivore Club’s entire product range; classic box, snack box, marketplace, etc.

3. These multi-layered replicas pay tribute to some of the professional and college sports stadiums in the USA—and they’re made here, too. Precision-cut pieces of wood are layered to form an aerial, three-dimensional work of stadium art. The entire piece is edged in the official team color to create a high contrast framing effect that is ready to hang and sure to be a fan favorite.

4. One of the coolest items from Tennessee Whiskey Barrels are these magnetic knife racks.  

They baffle the imagination as friends and family try to figure our how this solid piece of wood has the ability to hold metal objects. Be sure to personalize with a name and establish date.

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