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'Tis the season to get organized. The holiday season is over and the time has come to put away the trimmings and get back to basics. So while boxing up the decor, take the time to spruce up. Here are some helpful tips from our designers that will get you organized in style.

1. Purge. Go through your items in your closets, pantries, and cabinets. Anything that hasn't been used in more than one season or is expired, TOSS IT.

2. De-Clutter. Edit down your pieces in your closets and sort them by most often used. Store them this way for easier access. Least used items go on top shelves or in totes under the bed. Pair down items in the pantry and cabinets. Again, place the most frequently used items at the front and at eye level where they are easy to access.

3. Categorize. Items in closets and pantries should be categorized. Group like things together, ie: shirts, tanks, pants, jackets, and color code them. Group like pantry items together and alphabetize spices, put loose items like snacks and chips in coordinating baskets, and store baking goods and cereals in clear air tight plastic containers or glass jars.

4. Uniformity. Make sure to use the same color hangers and totes in a closet, matching baskets and containers in the pantry, and uniform containers in the utility room.

5. Think vertical. Use the vertical space in a room that you have. Add shelves, rods, and stackable drawers to your closets, pantries, and utility spaces to maximize the storage space.

Here are some great options for getting started on organization

The Container Store offers a Pantry Starter Kit for $167.50. This kit includes (1) OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Canister Set, (2) OXO Good Grips POP Medium Cereal Dispensers, (1) Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack, (1) Large Omaha Stacking Bin, (1) Medium Omaha Stacking Bins and (1) Small Omaha Stacking Bins.

What a perfect way to begin your pantry organization.

Here are some sturdy, lined storage bins. These bins are a great option to store clothes without snagging. The different variety of sizes allows for multiple uses of theses handwoven baskets.

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